Customer Experience Audit

Women's Retail

The objective of marketing today is to create a great customer experience that is perfect! Perfect being unbroken, integrated,  relevant to the customer at every touchpoint they engage with the brand. With the rising number of touchpoints and technology integrations, the experience can be difficult for the brand to manage. From the business side, more and more often we see technologies and platforms that claim to optimize the end-to-end experience, promising to make it easy for the marketer. But how can a marketer tell the experience is really the best?
By turning the tables and looking at the experience through the eyes of the customer, we  have measured how a brand is doing by measuring the core components of a brand’s customer-centric marketing. We have looked at a select number of like brands within a vertical and measured the results. Through this audit, we have measured the brands' strengths, opportunities and their overall performance. 
The Customer Experience Audit creates a quantitative measurement for a qualitative customer experience. We have gone beyond “soft and fluffy” qualities and gone to the heart of what makes an optimum customer experience for 10 leading brands in the women's retail vertical.