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Customer Portfolios Marketing Platform is everything you need to execute targeted Lifecycle Marketing campaigns, increase customer conversion, and grow customer future value  backed by a strategic team that acts as an extension of your marketing team. 

With Customer Portfolios Marketing platform you’ll be able to:

  • Hear about our CP Customer Profile which is a robust customer identity system that unifies customer activity across all channels and sources to create a single, actionable customer identifier.
  • Learn how Perfect Pixel collects business and customer data to enhace an individual Customer Profile and how the CP Customer Profile can be delivered to any marketing touchpoint. 
  • See how Portfolio Pathing can identify optimal customer journeys, define customer future value potential, and provide 1:1 customer messaging.
  • Hear how Lifecycle Marketing help you target your customers with the right messaging and offer at the right point along their customer journey.
  • Learn how our Analytical Dashboards allow you to understand the impact of your marketing efforts on customers and identify strategeic opportuntites for business growth.

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