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How to Speak CP – Part II

Posted by Augie MacCurrach

Customer Portfolios, Marketing, Customer Database, Customer Value, Data-Driven Marketing

How to Speak CP – Part I

Posted by Augie MacCurrach

Portfolio Pathing, Marketing Strategy, Chief Marketing Officers, Lifecycle Marketing, Data-Driven Marketing, Marketing Data Management, CMO, Customer Portfolios

Portfolio Pathing – Planning Your Road Trip for 2018

Posted by Denise DeSisto

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3 Questions to Determine if You Are Ready for a Loyalty Program

Posted by Paul Welsh

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6 Best Practices For Reactivating Lapsed Customers

Posted by Denise DeSisto

Email Marketing, Email Preferences, Preference Center, Marketing, Marketing Strategy, CMO, Customer Portfolios

Strengthening Your Email Marketing Part 5 – Feel The Burn & Incorporate Email Into Your Marketing Strategy

Posted by Nick Godfrey

omnichannel, Customer Experience, ecommerce, Back-To-School,, Big Data, Data-Driven Marketing, CMO, Customer Portfolios

What I Hope to Learn This Year: Back-to-School Consumer Habits

Posted by Katie Gardner

Humans of CP, Customer Portfolios

Humans of CP: Dianne Brennick

Posted by Katie Gardner

Customer Database, Customer Portfolios, Customer Profile, Big Data, Data-Driven Marketing, Marketing Data Management

Do You Really Know Your Customer? 3 Reasons to Enhance Your Customer Profile

Posted by Paul Welsh

Back-To-School,, acquisition, Customer Experience, Customer Database, Customer Portfolios, CMO, location marketing, lifestyle marketing

3 Ways to Make Your Back-to-School Campaigns Customer-Centric

Posted by Denise DeSisto

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