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Personalization Is Key For In-Store Experience


Think about the last time you visited a store. How were you treated when you walked in the store? How was the experience? If I were a betting lady, I would guess the experience was pretty unmemorable. A faceless in-store associate asks the faceless customer, if they need any assistance. That is likely the end of the encounter. What an underwhelming experience.

The situation described above is not too far off from the reality. Nearly all customers are treated the same. However, not all customers are created equally. For example, who is more valuable the shopper who browses but never buys or the shopper who visits once or twice year and makes a large purchase each time. It’s obvious, the latter shopper, yet when they go in-store they have the same treatment. However, it does not take a rocket scientist to recognize that different customers need different treatment.

But how?

Enter technology. It's no secret that the retail landscape is being dramatically altered by technology. With the proliferation of devices and channels, today's consumers are engaging with retailers from every front. However, technology is not a one-way street and the marrying of tech and retail has the potential to be a game-changer for the in-store customer experience.  One way in which retailers can leverage technology in-store is through clienteling solutions. 

Clienteling brings technology and knowledge directly to the hands of in-store associates and enables them to create a better in-store experience. Clienteling provides in-store associates with a customer’s complete transaction history (regardless of channel), and often act as a digital black book for retailers. Typically, this is where today's clienteling solutions stop.

However, at Customer Portfolios we view clienteling a bit differently.  Encore is our clienteling solution that offers in-store management a 360 view of customers across all channels. It provides in-store associates with real time data such as, customer’s purchase history and any communication the customer has had with the brand. It also provides product recommendation to store associates of what the consumer should likely buy next. Encore can also detects when a best customer has entered the store, providing associates with specific data designed to help associates cross-sell products and upsell to consumers. Encore is designed specifically for retailers looking to improve their one-to-one relationship with their customers. By investing in Encore, retailers create a better customer experience in-store and online.

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