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Humans of CP: Nick Godfrey

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In this month’s edition of Humans of CP, we are talking to Nick Godfrey, our EVP, Strategy, and one of the founders of Customer Portfolios. Nick graduated from Ohio Wesleyan University, and previously worked with Frito Lay and right down the street at Harpoon Brewery (ironically where the CP offices used to be). Nick bikes to work almost every day from neighboring Charlestown (“the town”).

Today, we’re speaking with him to learn more about his position, and his interests outside of the office.

What do you do at Customer Portfolios?
I spend a lot of time talking! I speak to prospective clients about what they want to do, what they can do and how they should best go about doing “it”.

I also speak to current clients about their future objectives and goals. This is often focused on what can be done with integration of siloed data sources within their business. I also speak with our internal teams about what is new or needed in the market. I have created a strategic 2-day Best Practices Seminar where Lifecycle Marketing is reviewed, and employed segment-based lifecycle dynamic messaging so we can show clients how to treat a prospective customer versus a one-time buyer or best customer.

If you were stuck on a deserted island, what one book would you bring?
I hope the deserted island has a nice beach with a palm tree to sit under. If this was the case, I would bring a blank sketch-book, so I could draw, take notes, keep track of days stranded, and plan the raft to escape. Of course, I’d need to have a black pen to go with the book and a beach chair to sit under the palm tree. 

 Which do you think prepared you better: education or experience?
Is this a trick question? I believe that it is a combo of the two. Education taught me how to gain the experience, and the experience enabled me to move forward. I believe education prepares one with basics like listen (one has 2 ears and 1 mouth), practice (you are not going to be able to do it right the first time) and humility (everyone makes mistakes). Experience teaches one speed (you will make mistakes, yet do it while moving quickly), persist (it takes more than one time), and no (which is just one step along the way to someone saying Yes!).

 If you could grab coffee with one celebrity, who would it be?
Not being much of a “celebrity chaser,” I don’t have anyone that tops my list. Rather, I’d like to have someone that will be fun, interesting, engaging and… did I say fun?! I would probably pick someone like WC Fields. He was long gone before I was born and is probably as irrelevant to our snap-chatting, posting, texting millennials as possible. I don’t know if he drank much coffee (I believe he liked something stronger), yet as I understand it Mr. Fields could say some of the most outrageous things and, due to the delivery, get away with it. I don’t know what this has to do with analysis, strategy and driving incremental revenue, but I imagine with only a little effort, we could make the connection!

What has been your biggest challenge at Customer Portfolios so far?
The biggest challenge for me, and for CP as a company, has been getting potential clients to fully understand the opportunity in front of them. When CP first started, there was an element of evangelism in our work. Today, people in the market understand Big Data, the Cloud, SaaS, and most importantly, the value of the customer. Now, the big opportunity is to explain to potential clients is that when marketing is targeted, dynamic and relevant to each customer, significant incremental revenue can be generated in a way they can understand. What a concept!

To see more faces from our company, be sure to check back each month to see our reoccurring blog series – the Humans of CP.

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