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Humans of CP - Michael Coffey

MCoffey-474029-edited.jpgMike Coffey and his dog, Koopa, have been at CP for 4 years now; Mike as our Lead Solutions Architect, and Koopa as our Friday office mascot. Mike grew up in the Boston area, and graduated from Boston College. He will also be celebrating his 30th birthday this year! In this month’s Humans of CP, we sit down with Mike and discuss his role at CP, and what his interests are outside of our blue and orange walls.   

  1. What do you do at Customer Portfolios? I am the Team Lead of the Solutions Architects. We help discover exactly what data our clients have, and develop the best way to present that in a production environment over here at CP. We integrate data from all the different partners and source systems a client has; like their POS system, ESP, and website personalization solution. We clean the data and normalize it to get it ready to load into MARCIE, our proprietary database that ultimately gives our clients a full view of their customers.
  2. What are you currently watching on Netflix/TV? I am eagerly awaiting the premiere of Walking Dead. I’ve watched it live since the second season. I watch that and Game of Thrones, which won’t be coming out for a while now. My money’s on Varys to be on the throne at the end of the game. Also, super pumped for Stranger Things 2 this week.
  3. If you could close your eyes and be anywhere on Earth when they opened, where would you be? Santorini. I’ve never been and it looks beautiful.
  4. What was your all-time, best-ever Halloween costume? I pulled off a pretty spectacular Christmas tree about 5 years ago. It was a last-minute costume that I borrowed from a neighbor for a costume contest. It had ornaments and I could plug in to light up the tree. There was a repurposed witch hat for the top of the tree, too. I ended up coming in third place, and met a few lady elves at the party.
  5. What is the best way for you to receive feedback? In general, I prefer that feedback is direct, straightforward, and up-front. I also like feedback to be delivered in-person. I don’t like when things are sugarcoated. If there was an issue, I like to know what was done wrong. If something was done right, I like to know exactly why. Good or bad, I prefer that feedback is honest.
  6. What advice would you give to employees on their first day at CP? A couple things come to mind. Relish the slow days, because they will be few and far between once you get into the swing of things. Don’t be afraid to volunteer anywhere extra and wear additional hats, because cross-functional knowledge in a small company is invaluable. Also, everybody here is friendly, don’t be afraid to say hi (except Sean, avoid that guy)!
  7. What has been your biggest challenge at Customer Portfolios so far? We look for a very particular type of candidate to staff the Solutions Architect roles here at CP. The most difficult task I face on a weekly basis is finding someone who will both excel as an SA and fit in with CPs culture. We were very lucky to find Rachna, and we’re constantly on the lookout for more candidates like her!

Stay tuned for next month’s Humans of CP, where we’ll hear from someone who works with our clients every day to make sure they have everything they need to execute targeted lifecycle campaigns.

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