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Humans of CP - Denise DeSisto

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Marketing trends and technologies are constantly changing, and Denise DeSisto’s thirst for knowledge keeps her at the forefront of the latest trends. As Customer Portfolios’ VP of Marketing Automation and Product Innovation, Denise ensures our clients have the most up-to-date tools they need to create impactful marketing campaigns. Today, we’re chatting with Denise to learn more about her role at CP and her interests outside of the blue and orange walls.

  1. What do you do at Customer Portfolios? - I am the VP of Marketing Automation and Product Innovation. As a product owner, I am responsible for developing strategic marketing campaigns that enhance the customer shopping experience, and also help put customers at the center of a brand’s universe. Regardless of the marketing channel that a customer interacts with a brand on, it is important that both the brand and customer find value in that exchange. As technology changes, so too does customer interaction. I really enjoy keeping up with the latest trends in marketing and technology to help guide our clients’ communication plans.
  2. What was the best concert you ever attended? What made it so special? - I have to admit I have been to some great concerts! Tom Petty, Lady Gaga, and Bruno Mars are high up on my list. A smaller concert that will always be special to me was Bryan Adams. I went with my husband shortly after we got married, and being able to hear him sing the song we chose as our wedding song [(Everything I Do) I Do It For You] was a very special experience.  
  3. What is your favorite local restaurant and the meal you most enjoy eating when there? - It’s a toss-up between a small Italian restaurant in our town, Capellini’s Restaurant, or Burton’s Grill. If I go to Capellini’s, I usually get their chicken parmesan. If I go to Burton’s, I usually get the Mediterranean chicken risotto. Both are accompanied with a nice glass of sauvignon blanc. :) 
  4. Would you rather travel 100 years in history or 100 years in the future? Why? - I would rather travel 100 years in history. I think it would be cool to see what the world was like first-hand during the time my parents and grandparents were growing up. Seeing them at certain stages in their lives would definitely make me appreciate everything they did in order to come to this country and give their family a better life. I think if I traveled into the future it would change the person I am today. While I enjoy having control on portions of my life, some things should just be left up to chance. I wouldn’t want to see what is going to happen to me, my family, or the world we are living in and then have to carry that knowledge with me in the present day.
  5. If you could make one rule that everyone had to follow, what rule would you make? - The rule I would make would be simple: Just be kind to one another. This world has so much negativity, but if we could change the way people act towards each other, we could make this place a lot safer and happier for everyone living in it.
  6. What is the most important personal attribute that you bring to your job?- The most important personal attribute that I bring to my job is my eagerness to learn and evolve. I constantly am looking for ways to grow within my career, and I have always enjoyed education. Being able to work in an environment where you must constantly keep up with the latest marketing trends to help grow your clients’ businesses is exciting. Having a thirst for knowledge and working at a company where my job is to revolutionize and re-train the way many marketers are viewing their customers is the best of both worlds.
  7. What has been your biggest challenge at Customer Portfolios so far? - The biggest challenge is what makes Customer Portfolios, myself, and its staff so successful; never turning down a challenging project or client engagement. I am involved with a lot of different projects across our various client accounts. There is always going to be something new and different in the way the client operates, especially when it comes to new integrations and technology. While myself or our company may not be familiar with a certain product or task that the client is requesting, we will never turn them down, and we will find a way to service the request and figure out a solution to accomplish the task at hand. I like that part of my job is researching how to do something so that we can not only understand it for the client, but we become experts at it and recommend our best practices approach. While it can be difficult balancing all of the inbound client requests and competing client priorities, being involved in so many different aspects allows us to be the marketing technology partner our clients rely on for growing the value of their customers.


Stay tuned for next month’s Humans of CP, where we’ll hear from someone who makes our client’s data easier to understand so they can create more profitable customer relationships.

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