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Customer Portfolios featured on worldwide business with kathy ireland

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Last year, Scott Brinker's MarTech Landscape surpassed 5,300 solutions meant to help marketers collect, organize, and act on their data in an informed way. For retailers, this meant more data and ways to interact with customers and create the perfect customer experience. And yet, last year we also had what some called a “retail apocalypse”, where many retailers shut their doors, more than the 2008 recession. With all this technology meant to create the perfect omnichannel customer experience, how did this happen? 

There are too many point solutions, too many vendors all claiming to get to the heart of what the customer needs. But what all these solutions have done is create a disjointed, unbroken omnichannel experience for the customer. And customers aren’t letting retailers get away with it; they’re speaking with their dollars to show retailers they want a seamless experience wherever they shop. 

This Sunday, March 11, Customer Portfolios will be featured on worldwide business with kathy ireland, offering retailers a solution: fix this broken customer experience by combining data from all your point solutions and vendors into one complete customer profile. Analyze that data holistically to create insights that lead to targeted lifecycle communications, and send the profile back out to all your touchpoints to ensure the message and experience are seamless for customers, just like they asked for. 

"While we were consolidating the view of the customer, our campaigns and programs and offers, and all of our treatments have become distributed," says Augie MacCurrach, CEO and Founder of Customer Portfolios. "So, our goal is to figure out how to get this intelligence that we manufacture and now get it back to all of those touchpoints in near real time."

Customer Portfolios will be airing on Fox Business Network as sponsored content, and Bloomberg International. For a sneak preview of the segment, click here. 

Air Date - March 11, 2018

Fox Business Network – 5:00pm EST

Bloomberg EMEA – 7:00am GMT

Bloomberg Latin America – 10:00am D.F.

Bloomberg Asia Pacific – 3:00pm HKT



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