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Retention Roadblocks

Humans of CP - Cameron Feder

5 Marketing Resolutions: Part 2

Humans of CP - Melanie Nunez

5 Marketing Resolutions: Part 1

Bringing the Original Frontier into the Digital Age

Humans of CP - Nicole DeRusha

Humans of CP - Oliver Cook

Creating the Algorithm for Success

Humans of CP – Rachna Prasad

Creating the Best Experiences for Your Best Customers

Inspiration from INBOUND

Fixing the Broken Customer Experience: Convincing the CEO

Humans of CP - Samantha Boardman

Fixing the Broken Customer Experience: Measuring Your Business in The Age of The Customer

Fixing the Broken Customer Experience: The Power of Lifecycle Marketing

Humans of CP - Sean Franey

Fixing the Broken Customer Experience: The Customer Identity System

Fixing the Broken Customer Experience: The Single Customer View

Humans of CP - Tom Gurrie

How to Fix the Broken Customer Experience: CRM Radio

Transform Your Marketing: Manage by Portfolio

Renew Your Database

Dogs of CP - Koopa Coffey

4 Considerations for Better Personalization

Humans of CP - Kim Mlodzinski

The Expanding Water Balloon: Patching the Leaks

Customer Portfolios featured on worldwide business with kathy ireland

Humans of CP - Charlie Thorne

Taking a Fresh Look at ROAS

5 Tips for Finding the Right ESP

2018 - The Year of the Customer Journey

Humans of CP - Ankita Patel

Best Customers vs Loyal Customers: What’s the Difference?

Investing in Customer-Centricity

Letting Data Lead the Conversation

Humans of CP – Adam Morton

How to Excite the In-Store Shopper on Black Friday

Finding the Gold in a Value Exchange

Blueprint for a Customer-Centric Database

4 Not-So-Scary MarTech Phrases

Humans of CP - Michael Coffey

4 Marketing Strategies for the Age of the Consumer

4 Steps to a Crystal-Clear Customer View

How to Speak CP – Part II

How to Speak CP – Part I

Humans of CP - Denise DeSisto

Portfolio Pathing – Planning Your Road Trip for 2018

3 Questions to Determine if You Are Ready for a Loyalty Program

6 Best Practices For Reactivating Lapsed Customers

What I Did This Summer: Back-to-School Survey Results

Strengthening Your Email Marketing Part 5 – Feel The Burn & Incorporate Email Into Your Marketing Strategy

What I Hope to Learn This Year: Back-to-School Consumer Habits

How to Adapt to the “Retail Apocalypse”: Focus on the Customer Experience

Humans of CP: Dianne Brennick

Do You Really Know Your Customer? 3 Reasons to Enhance Your Customer Profile

3 Ways to Make Your Back-to-School Campaigns Customer-Centric

Strengthening Your Email Marketing: 3 Tips for an Effective Repurchase Series

4 Reasons to Go Digital

Humans of CP – Jenny Lum

4 Tips to Analyze Your Customer Data

NYC Marketer Roundtable Roundup: “One”

3 Questions to Strengthen Your Email Personalization

Humans of CP – Jared Lazzaro

3 Tips For Turning Your Marketing Database into a Customer Experience Tool

6 Tips to Strengthen Your Email Marketing: Welcome Series

3 Ways to Get Personal at the Digital Retail Transformation Assembly

5 Mottos from Mom about Preference Centers

Humans of CP – Raffi Yardemian, VP of Sales

A New Spring Trend to Fall for: Implementing Lifecycle Marketing

Strengthening Your Email Marketing: Email and Account Sign-Up

6 Tips for a Customer Experience Audit: Put Yourself in your Customers’ Shoes…or Pants…or Jackets….

Humans of CP: Nick Godfrey

4 Key Takeaways from Customer Portfolios Marketer Roundtable

Humans of CP: Augie MacCurrach

4 ‘To-Do’s’ to Enhance Your Marketing in 2017

How Ecommerce is Changing Holiday Retail

CMOs: Innovate or Die … Or At Least Get Fired ...

4 Mobile Trends To Watch This Holiday Season

How Retailers Can Fight Back Against 'Showrooming'

Humans of CP: Sarah May

Personalization Is Key For In-Store Experience

The Changing Dynamics of Email Marketing

Back-to-Stats: Surprising Statistics That Will Help You WIn This Back-to-School Season

Top 4 Challenges Marketers Face During the Back-to-School Season

When Augmented Reality Meets the Retail World

CRM C: Rethinking Your Loyalty Strategy

Why SaaS Is NOT a Solution

Portfolio Pathing Selected As A 2016 MITX Awards Finalist

4 Technologies Changing the Retail Game

What Retailers Can Learn From Black Friday and Cyber Monday

Holiday Trends That Every Marketer Needs to Know

Investing in Lapsed Customers to Drive Reactivation

Using Email to Drive Engagement During the Holiday Season

Turning Days Into Dollars: Reducing Lag to Drive Revenue

How Retailers Can 'Win' During Back to School Season

How to Make Loyalty Work for Your Brand

Portfolio Pathing: Turning Analytics into Actionable Intelligence

How Brands Can Use Email to Capitalize on Birthdays

Using First and Third-Party Data to Fuel Engagement

7 Surprising Retail Statistics

Understanding the Value of Marketing's Vocabulary

How Marketers Can Monetize Big Data

A Marketer’s Summer Reading List

Personalize Now: Lessons Learned from Monetate Summit

Johnston & Murphy: Customer Experience Redefined By Data

A Day in the Life – Account Director Edition

Challenges Every CRM Marketer Faces

Highs and Lows of Using Technology to Drive Customer Engagement

Behavioral Segmentation Solving the Targeting Dilemma

How Retailers Can Drive Future Value Today

Stimulating Engagement Post-Purchase, Part 1: Know Thy Engagement Level

5 Mistakes You Are Making with Your Omnichannel Strategy

5 Key Takeaways from MITX’s Ecommerce Summit

Big (Marketing) Data: Powering the Next Wave of Business Growth

When Search Becomes Costly

Avoid Choice Overload

Big Data is About Predictions. Period.

Competing for Attention with So Many Different Channels

How To Reduce Your Unsubscribe Rate Among New Customers

Tailored or Too-Much? Online Cookie Debate Continues

Capture Customer Information by Exchanging Value

Unremarkable or Remarketable?

Data, Straight Up! Real Time, Customer Focused, Digital Marketing at a Scotch Tasting Event

More Yardage: Musings on Ad Packaging for College Football

Customer Portfolios Names Perry Cooper As New CEO

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